Masterclass Alumni

Where it all started

The first Masterclass, The State We're In, was in London, UK, in 2007

This digital enablement programme was the output of hundreds of hours of research, created for network, plc and independent agencies, global brands and blue-chip corporates, UK and in the US.

If you have attended a Masterclass, do connect, be good to hear from you

In context, and just one stat, at the time of the first Masterclass 110 million websites exisited, this number exceeds
1.8 billion (unique hostnames). Nobody talked about startups

Much has happened across marketing, technology and digital since then.

The relevence of Masterclasses is as important today as it was in 2007. Masterclasses has evolved and is now bespoke for agency, brand and startup team along with the projx™ and progressio™ platforms


If you attended a Masterclass previouly, please connect







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